Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paper Doll Wardrobe...

Olivia has two birthday parties today.  The first one is for her friend Isabella.  They both LOVE American Girl so I ordered some things from American Girl but they have not made it here in time for her party.  So, for the birthday party I made this little paper doll wardrobe.  I put little pictures of her actural birthday gifts in the birthday card. 

The second birthday party is for her friend, Felicity, from school.  I made one for her and put a Justice gift card inside. 

Olivia helped me with these.  She made the clothes and accessories while I made the wardrobe and doll. 

I got this idea from Kathy Orta on the Cricut message board.  Go check out her website at  She is amazing!!  She has created some really great paper crafts!  I got the cut file from blackbearblackbear on the Cricut message board.  She recreated the cut file and made some of these.  You can see the ones she made at  So, thanks you to both of these wonderful ladies for the idea and the cut file. 

I used velcro dots for the clothes.  The paper doll has a velcro dot on her tummy.  I made outfits into one piece and put velcro dots on them.  In the wardrobe, I put velcro dots on the "wall" so the outfits could "hang".  You will have to check out Kathy's, she made a little area were they actually hang and I think she made them magnetic. 

Here are pictures of ones I made....

This was a fun project.  I hope the girls enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.  Thank you for looking and don't forget to go check out Kathy's website for some more great ideas. 

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  1. These are adorable! I just can't get over the wardrobe.



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