Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lexi's Birthday

Despite Lexi having a rough birthday this year, she had a great party Saturday, December 11th.  The beginning of the month was very busy for us so, I didn't plan her birthday party for that time.  Her birthday was November 28th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I usually have her birthday the Saturday after Thanksgiving but, it was just sooo busy with shopping and then, Lexi became very sick.  She ran high fever the entire weekend and the beginning of the week.  On her birthday if anyone would tell her happy birthday, she would get upset.  I was finally able to give her a birthday party but, everyone else was getting sick.  I thought she wouldn't have anyone at her party.  I made her cake the night before.  I cut out Jessie the Cowgirl with the Cricut Cake to go on top of her cake.  When I started to put it on the cake, it fell completely apart!!!  I was soooo agravated.  I could only think, "What could possibly happen next?!"  I started all over and cut out Jessie and put it on the cake.  Despite all the problems, the cake turned out great and she had a great party. 
Here is her cake...

Here is Lexi blowing out the candles... (with the help of big sister, of course)

We played a game that my oldest daughter, Olivia, thought of creating.  It was pin the braid on Jessie.  We made some braids with yarn, put a piece of paper through the top part with the childs name on it, and used part of the table cloth for the Jessie.  The table cloth was longer than my table so, I was able to cut one section off and use it for this game.  The kids loved it. 

Here is one of the goodie bags.  I made it very simple.  I just cut out the Jessie like on the cake and attached it to some white lunch bags.

I also made a birthday banner but, I don't have that picture uploaded yet so, as soon as I get it uploaded, I will add it to this post. 

Lexi's favorite part.. opening the presents...

Thank you, everyone, who made Lexi's birthday a success.  She was very happy.  Can you tell that she likes Toy Story???  Thank you for looking. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Early Christmas for me......

As most of you know, Walmart had the colored Cricut Expressions on sale for $185.  I had to work when they went on sale so, I decided I would just wait and get one later.  I had to work so, I sent my husband to pick up a few Christmas gifts that would probably be gone by the time I got off work.  He was able to get the things I was wanting.  I had also mentioned to him that the Cricut Lite cartridges were on sale.  He was able to get me 4 of them.  Then, he got me this.......

He couldn't wait til Christmas.  He brought it to me at work that night!!  I have been wanting the green Cricut for a while but, I did not want to buy it just because of the color.  Mine started making a weird noise a few months ago so, he bought me this one to replace it.  Mine was still working fine other than the noise and the white strip was starting to come off.  When I planned to cut something I had to make sure the white strip was down all the way or it would catch the mat.  Since it was still working I gave it to my friend from Louisianna.  She was here to go black friday shopping with me when I got off work at 6 am.  She is a single parent and did not have a Cricut.  She really needed one.  I was so happy to be able to give her my old one.  I just hope it holds up for a while.  Anyway, that was my early Christmas.  I am now working on some Christmas projects on my new green one. 

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