Saturday, January 23, 2010

Garage Sales.....

There was an ad for a garage sale that was selling scrapbooking stuff on a local website... I am a garage sale junkie!! I love to go to garage sales and I love to give garage sales. I am a bargain hunter. Anyway, I go to this garage sale with great anticipation of seeing what kind of scrapbooking stuff I was going to score today. I looked around for a moment and found only a few packs of embellishments. I was a little disapointed because I was sure I would find the ultimate bagain. I was going to ask the person if they had anymore scrapbooking stuff when I spotted a box sitting on the porch with electronics in it. I looked down in the box and this is what I found....

It is a Canon Digital Rebel EOS 300D Camera kit. It has the lens, battery, and battery charger. When I got it home John checked it to see how many pictures had been taken with it. Only 1119 pictures. I have a Canon 20D that I got in 2005. It has had over 8000 pictures taken with it. This camera is older than my 20D so that means they hardly used it!! You will not believe how much I paid for it!! This camera sells for $300-$399 new. I paid a whopping $65 for it at this garage sale!!! I was a little worried that something would be wrong with it but we tried it and it takes beautiful pictures. I love bargains!!!


I went to another garage sale and found this awesome magazine rack for my craft room. I got it for $5. It looks like the jetmax cubes I have in my craft room so it matches perfectly. Michaels has some magazine holders but they are about $30 and even with a coupon I couldn't get them for no less than about $15 so this was a bargain at $5 and is perfect for holding the few craft magazines that I have.

I am still trying to get my craft room complete. Eventually, I will finish it and post some pictures.

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