Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Scrapbook Room

Hello, everyone.  I spent my day cleaning my scrapook room because it was a total mess.  It's not exactly the way I would like a scrapbook room but, it is a work in progress.  On the circle blog, there is a giveaway for National Scrapbook Week.  I decided to enter since I finally got my room a bit clean. 

Here it is...

Most of my cartridges are stored in the white cabinet above my cricut expression.

Sewing machine and baby cricut.
Futon in front of the closet doors.  In the closet I have a small refridgerator to keep diet coke and snacks.
Here I am in my scrapbook room....

I look a bit tired in this pic, lol.  Well, hopefully in the future I will be able to show you pictures of my scrapbook room after I actually get it the way I want it.  I will be doing a little at a time.  I need to buy more jetmax cubes.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my space. 


  1. Hey Circle Sister!

    I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll come be mine!

    Creative blessings,

  2. Great room you got!
    Love your princess taem on your blog.
    Grettings from Norway:)

  3. Great scrap room! I just became a follower & am enjoying checking your blog. You're very talented!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway & following my blog =)



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