Monday, October 4, 2010


Saturday, October 2nd, Provo Craft had a Cricut Circle Blog Celebration.  Every hour they were doing a drawing for Cricut items.  They started at 8 am Central time and ended at 1 am Central time.  I missed the first few that morning and a few that evening but, I was able to enter several.  I was trying for a Gypsy.  Well, I didn't win a Gypsy.  I won the most awesome prize ever!!!  The LAST contest of the night at 12 am they were giving away the new Cricut Imagine.  This machine launched on September 14th on HSN.  I have not been paying much attention to the information about the machine because I knew I could not afford to spend $500 on a craft machine right now.  To enter, you had to be a Cricut Circle member.  They announce what they were giving away and ask a question that you have to answer in the entry.  I entered the contest thinking the entire time, "There is no way I will win this one but I'm gonna enter anyway."  There were probably over 300 entries so, I knew the odds were against me.  Well, at 12:59 am Central time I decided to check the blog to see who the lucky winner was.  This is what I found......

The FINAL WINNER from our Blog Launch celebration and the winner of the Cricut Imagine is . . .

#1761 Brenda Zorich of Mississippi

I screamed, "OMG!!!" I jumped up out of my chair and ran through the house screaming, "OMG, OMG!!"  I scared the dogs.  They were barking and going crazy.  John was already in bed.  He uses a C-PAP machine while sleeping.  I thought he was in the living room playing the xbox.  When I made it to the living room I yelled, JOHN!!  He wasn't there.  I was heading for the bedroom yelling JOHN!! but he was already out of the bed, c-pap mask on his face, looking at me like I was crazy.  I was still yelling, of course.  I yelled, "I WON, I WON A CRICUT IMAGINE!!!"  He thought someone had broke into the house or something.  Then, I thought, "Wait, let me go check again!"  I think I was in shock!!  I came back to my craft room and checked again to make sure!!  I could hardly believe it!  I was so excited I gave myself a terrible headache and my blood pressure went up, LOL. 

This is the new Cricut Imagine:

This is such a huge blessing and yes, I have to give God credit for this.  I have learned that by blessing others you will receive double the blessing in return.  Now, don't take this the wrong way, I don't do things for others JUST to receive something back.  I love to help people.  A while back there was a post on craigslist that a woman was in need of clothing.  I had two very large boxes of clothing that I could not wear anymore and they were the exact sizes she needed.  I had planned to sell them cheap in a yard sale but, instead, I responded to her post and told her I would give them to her for free if she would just meet me somewhere to pick them up.  She called me and we met.  A few days later, she sent me an email thanking me and said it was like Christmas morning for her.  I was very happy that I was able to help someone.  I had forgotten about this until now.  I could go on and on with stories on how you can be blessed by helping others but, I think you get the point.  So, go out and help someone today.  It may not happen over night, but you will truly be blessed.   I hope I have inspired someone with my story.  Thank you for checking out my blog.  If you are not a follower and I have inspired you today, please become a follower and leave me a comment. 

Brenda "brz352"


  1. WOW that is sooo awesome. You will have to post pictures when it comes it. CONGRATS



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