Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cricut Cake.....

Two weeks ago I made my first cake using the Cricut Cake to decorate it. There is definitely a learning curve. I used the frosting sheets that came with it. I didn't have the correct colors for tinkerbell so I used food coloring to color the different parts. I didn't like the frosting sheets at all. It was very difficult to cut them without tearing the design. I used a buttercream frosting that had cream cheese in it.  It was hard to make it smooth.  You can tell in my picture.

Here is a picture of my first cake....

Today, I decided to try again.  I made a different buttercream frosting which was easier to work with.  I still didn't get it perfectly smooth but it is much better than the first try.  I used gum paste to cut out the decorations.  I love using gum paste.  It was much easier to us and to cut with the Cricut Cake.  The hard part was coloring it.  I think that took me the longest. 

 Here is my second cake...

I had fun doing this cake.  I definitely recommend the gum paste for cutting shapes with the Cricut Cake. This is definitely a new venture for me and I am learning as I go so feel free to tell me what you think, give me suggestions or tips that may help.  Thank you for looking.  I look forward to hearing your input.


  1. oh wow.... amazing. They look great!!!

  2. Your cakes look great!!

    One trick to smooth your frosting is to wait 10 minutes after you frost, then place parchment paper over your cake and smooth with your hand or a large metal spatula. I teach Wilton cake decorating and this works like magic, as long as your frosting has "crusted" over and your house is not too warm.

  3. Your cakes look FANTASTIC!!!!!
    Great job!!

    Thanks for joining our hop today!



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